Recently I wanted to use AWS Glue heavily for some development work at office. AWS Glue is a managed service from AWS which comes handy in processing or computing large amounts of data. My use case was to implement an ETL (Extract — Transform — Load) work flow. Therefore there…

I first heard this phrase during an Agile training program, that sounded really cool, but I was thinking how can we possibly apply that to my software engineering work.

It’s one of the twelve agile principals.

What does it mean?

According to my understanding it simply meaning doing only what is necessary and required…

Hey, are you staying at home because of Covid-19? Yep me too. So, I thought of working on a pet project.

I created a nice fancy Front end using react and hosted it via AWS Amplify. It’s pretty simple you can try that to your self by following this. …

Meuru Muthuthantri

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